Biologists have linked alcoholism with gym

American scientists from northwestern University have found that in the days, when people make the greatest number of physical exercises, they also consume more alcohol.

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    How to avoid the difficult period of a teenager?

    All children go through this period, but each in its own way. There is no one solution for all. Let's try to understand the mechanism. We are talking about the phenomenal psychological
    substance, and hence on the phenomenal process. The formation of identity is a process that lasts throughout life and, more happens in the course of communication with other people, first of all, with parents and with those who over time with the same or less replaces or substitutes.

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    Latvian "wheelchair" was five times Vice world champion

    Ended the season of world championship motocross among crews. Dutch racer Etienne Bucks together with Latvian "wheelchair" Caspar Stapelia the third year in a row became the Vice-champion of the world.

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    Latvian defenseman in the KHL threw the puck in the second match

    Perfectly blended in the composition of the current champion of the KHL Karaganda "Saryarka" 23-year-old defender from Latvia Eric Shevchenko.

  • In the Riga canal fell drunk man

    On Monday, September 22, at the Riga canal, near bus station, fell 46-year-old man, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The press Department of emergency health Services.

  • The man told police a bribe 800 Euro

    On Monday, the man 1977 birth. offered the police a bribe in the amount of 800 euros, told DELFI representative Zemgale regional Directorate of State police Ieva Sienese.

  • France on "the Oscar-2015" will present the biopic "Saint-Laurent"

    Picture Bertrand, Bonello "Saint-Laurent. The style I" (Saint Laurent) will compete for the award "Oscar" in the category "best foreign language film" from France, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The premiere of the biographical drama took place at the 67th Cannes film festival in may.