VIDEO: Hurricane in Scotland has overcome the laws of gravity

One of the residents of Scotland this week making a video of the moment when strong winds on the Isle of mull literally launched the falls and forced the water to flow up instead of down.

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  • The DPRK again launched ballistic missile

    North Korea has accomplished in the night of Sunday the launch of a ballistic missile long-range proving ground in the North-West of the country, reported South Korean and U.S. military.

  • The EU calls on Turkey to allow refugees

    The foreign Minister of EU Federica Mogherini urged Turkey to allow in the country of Syrian refugees, which sharply increased in recent days due to the support of the Russian aviation attacks of government forces around Aleppo.

  • The court left at large committed the double murder a man: police protests

    Kurzeme regional police Department (CROUP) appealed the decision of the Saldus court not to send the arrested man, who on 29 January in a Military town (Liepaja) has committed a double murder. As noted, "Kurzemes Vards", the court applied concerning the suspect the measure of restraint not connected with imprisonment.