How to overcome the deficiency: 11 simple ways

Fatigue, dizziness, unwillingness to do the usual things - all the syndromes of deficiency, which catches many people in the early spring.

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  • Disney will revive the animated series "Duck tales"

    Disney announced that it will revive the animated series "Duck tales," reports Mashable. Drake-billionaire Scrooge the MacDonald and his three nephews will return to screens in the new cycle with the same name. The demonstration of the series will take place in 2017.

  • Draft CHL renamed "Fair talent"

    Draft of the Continental hockey League changed its name to "Fair talent" and will be held may 30 at the Moscow Chekhov. This was stated by the President of the KHL Dmitry Chernyshenko.

  • Defense Minister: up to 80% of the stories about Latvia Russian TV - hostile

    Russian TV mainly talks about Latvia as a country, where there is a resurgence of fascism, violated the rights of Russian-speaking, and the economy will not be able to live without the help of Russia. In addition, it is stated that in the event of a military crisis NATO country will not save, told the news Agency BNS Minister of defence of Latvia Raymond Vejonis.

  • On the West is shocked by the murder of Boris Nemtsov

    Politicians in the West have expressed feelings of shock in connection with the murder of a prominent Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. French President Francois Hollande strongly condemned this "odious murder" and called Nemtsov "defender of democracy".