Future students are encouraged to check if the University license and accreditation

Centre for consumer protection (cspp) and the Ministry of education and science encourage future students to check whether the University has a license for training and accreditation, a spokesman for cspp Sanita Gertmane.

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  • As a member of the Board of Latvian railway repeatedly approved Aivar Strokes

    Evaluating the work of Board member and Vice President of the SJSC "Latvijas dzelzceļš" (LDz) Aivars Straksas the management team of the company and recognizing its high level of professionalism and competence, the Board of Latvian railway decided on the re approval of A. Strakes in office for the next 5 years. The decision agreed with a holder of shares capital with the Ministry of communications.

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  • Berzins: Russia does not prevent the development of the Eurasian transport

    Despite the fact that long-term strategy of Russia is to develop its own port infrastructure and freight traffic through the ports, the neighbouring country believes that it is economically justified to continue cooperation with Latvia in the sphere of development of the Eurasian transit transport, said in an interview to "Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze", the President of SJSC "Latvijas dzelzceļš" (LDz) the European Commission.

  • Disneyland: behind the fabulous facade?

    In Disney's Hollywood Studios has announced the appearance of two new attractions dedicated to the "Star wars" and "toy Story". While the visitors are preparing to test new items, "Газета.Ru" tells about life behind the scenes of the most popular theme Park in the world.

  • Latvia and Russia agreed on freight

    Latvia and Russia agreed to cooperate more closely in the field of transport, providing continuity of transportation, said after a meeting of the Latvian-Russian intergovernmental Commission (IGC), its co-Chairman, Minister of transport Uldis augulis.

  • In Latvia remains 86.6 thousand bezrabotnykh

    In Latvia in the second quarter of this year was 86 600 unemployed, which is 8.9% of the economically active population, according to data of the Central statistical office.