Wilkes: a change of government in the coming months

The budget, which the government of Latvia has prepared in electoral haste, was formed poorly, said in an interview with the transfer of More Personīga TV3 channel former Minister of Finance Andris Vilks. Now trying to plug holes with funds for unexpected expenses, and this may be one reason for the fall of the government Laimdota Straujuma.

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  • VIDEO: SKA first won the Gagarin Cup

    Today in Kazan finished the final series of the playoffs CHL. The local "AK bars" they failed to oppose the St. Petersburg SKA and CSKA for the first time in history won the Gagarin Cup.

  • Latvian passport - 13th by "force" in the world

    Latvian citizens have the opportunity to enter without a visa (or to acquire a visa at the border) in 143 countries around the world. This is the 13th number in the world, according to the research company, Arton Capital, according to BNS.

  • The Test Delfi. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge: can the smartphone to cost 1000 Euro

    Confession: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the most expensive smartphone from all who visited us in his hands. Shaking if we had these same hands? Of course not - it's just plastic... glass and metal. But was curious - what came progress if Samsung predatory, cunning and cold-bloodedly made smartphone, which is more expensive than the latest Apple iPhone. Let us understand.

  • 10 авторов, которые писали "реалистичное" фэнтези до автора "Игры престолов"

    После того, как Джордж Р.Р. Мартин в 1996 году выпустил "Песнь льда и пламени" (мутировавшую нынче во всеми любимый сериал "Игра престолов"), жанр полного сурового реализма фэнтези получил второе дыхание. Почему "второе дыхание", а не "был рожден"? Потому что, хотя фанаты "Песни" приписывают создание самого жанра Мартину, на самом деле и до этой книги уже существовала масса отличных, но не ставших НАСТОЛЬКО популярными авторов. Например…