The opposition player in 28 years graduated from high school

Football real Madrid Sergio Ramos has completed secondary education only a few months ago. Thus, the Spain defender graduated from high school at the age of 28, according with reference to

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    The final show: get Markus Riva to Meladze?

    This Sunday at 21:45 on channel NTV-Mir Baltic - the final show "I Want to Meladze". For a place in the new boy-band M Band, which is gaining star producer Konstantin Meladze, fighting guys from different countries, among them the popular Latvian musician Markus Riva.

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    The President of Lithuania from his words about Russia refuses

    President of Lithuania Dalia grybauskaitė, when asked about the proposal of the Communist faction in the state Duma of the Russian Federation to cease diplomatic relations with Lithuania after "rude and cynical" statements Grybauskaite said that from my words about Russia refuses.

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    VIDEO: French bulldog parodies the sound of a diesel motor

    This dog is funny and quickly slams the language. But not just pop, but also emits sounds. According to the owners, this 3-year-old French bulldog named Dosha sometimes overheats, and for cooling begins to make a quick movement language. While the sound of a dog, very much like the noise of a diesel engine.

  • In Europe, including Latvia, caught hackers, watching people

    The UK National Agency for the fight against crime (NCA) has revealed the European network kiberprestupnikov. In the UK, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, France, Romania and Italy have arrested 15 people suspected in the theft of computer data, reports the BBC.

  • GR 8 confidently began the second phase

    Seventh championship Amateur League bowling (LLB) has entered the homestretch: division GOLD and SILVER played the first matches of the second crucial stage, and the participants of the "Bronze" approach to defining games.