Pavel Shlykov. What to expect from Turkey after the downed su-24

The first of the human losses of the Russian HQs in Syrian campaign suffered not at the hands of Islamic state terrorists, and the air force of Turkey — a country that Moscow since the mid-2000s persistently called strategic partner, and now accuses of aiding terrorists.

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  • Next year will increase the salary of ambulance workers

    Next year will increase the salaries of Service employees of emergency medical aid (SNMP), however, to stop a large turnover rate, wage growth should be faster, said the Agency LETA, acting Director SNMP, the head of the Center of medicine of accidents sarmīte Villers.

  • The ECtHR rejected the complaints on several cases against Latvia

    The European court of human rights (ECtHR) made final decisions on complaints against Latvia private person Gubenko and former judicial officer Ivar Kibermanis, making them unacceptable for further consideration and closed the case, has informed Agency LETA in the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

  • VIDEO: Released the trailer of the new film by Latvian motortestcenter "On the road to freedom. Georgia"

    Thursday, may 14 this year, three of the Latvian motorcycle expedition began long in a month from Riga to Georgia. The trip was difficult, and very interesting. The guys had to deal with well-known Caucasian hospitality, and to test themselves and their bikes to the test. Of course, all ended well and the riders returned home, loaded a bunch of photos and video. And now the Association of travellers On The Way of Freedom is the trailer of the documentary film "On the road to freedom. Georgia", filmed during the trip.

  • African swine fever has engulfed half of Latvia

    The end of the year the number of wild boars infected with African swine fever (ASF), will exceed 1000 in the next year the disease will cover the whole of Latvia, and due to a combination of factors, Latvia will have to live with the disease for a long time, said at the annual conference of the forest industry expert of food and veterinary service (PVS) Martins Sergeants.