Ireland: large Latvian caught stealing pump

In Ireland condemned the citizen of Latvia Dmitry M, which is already the third time was in the dock on charges of theft.

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  • The Latvian: If you want to Croatian truffles, get ready to build a house

    "Traveling in Croatia, accidentally learned that November is the season of "hunting" for truffles. We were near the region where they grow, so went there to look at these wonderful mushrooms, about which many had heard, but few have seen, and the more I tried in Latvia. As far as I know they do not grow, but in good restaurants certainly are served," writes the author Maxim bonthe.

  • In Hong Kong arrested dozens of protesters

    In the district of Mong Kok Hong Kong centre there were further clashes of protesters with the police. According to police, detained 116 activists. On the eve of the Hong Kong authorities again began to clear the area from the barricades and tents of protesters, executing a judgment.

  • Breach of contract "Mistress" will cost France 3 billion euros

    Failure to pass the Russian helicopter carrier Mistral will cost France about 3 billion euros. The supplier will have to compensate for Russia the contract value of $ 1.2 billion euros, and also to pay 800 million euros per vehicle, according togazeta.EN with reference to French newspaper Le Parisien.