The head of the Commission on the state language: the transfer of education to the Latvian language is necessary, but not 100%

The General opinion of the Commission on the state language is to ensure that the transfer of education to the Latvian language should be held, but not absolute. 10-20% of the content of teaching should be left on minority languages, the study of language, literature, culture, stated in an interview with LETA Chairman of the Commission on the state language, Professor LU, the head of the Department of translation Andrey Veisbergs.

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  • Russian physicists have set a record pressure of 7.7 million atmospheres

    Russian research group led by Professor Igor Abrikosov (Lingeringly University, Sweden) using a quantum-mechanical simulation is theoretically substantiated by the results of a unique experiment on the compression of metallic osmium under extreme pressure 7.7 million atmospheres, conducted by German scientists from Bayreuth University.

  • The US deployed to Latvia two drones

    To Latvia from USA on Monday transferred two unmanned reconnaissance aircraft model MQ-1 Predator, said Pentagon spokesman captain Jeff Davis. Together with aircraft arrived 70 people staff, Davis added.

  • The government approved the state budget for 2016

    On Monday evening at an emergency meeting of government Ministers reached a final agreement on important issues of next year's budget. Decided to raise the minimum wage to € 370 to introduce a differentiated minimum income tax exemption, and increase by 10 Euro universal non-taxable minimum.

  • Russia will build a fence on the border with Ukraine

    The protective areas of the fence began to appear in the border zone between Russia and Ukraine. The customer of construction is the Management of FSB of Russia across the Rostov region. The relevant information is posted on the official portal of public procurement.