Osinovskaya pleaded not guilty, but the transfer to Ugis Magonis does not deny

Estonian millionaire Oleg Osinovsky not admit his guilt in the incriminated crime, although not denying that he gave the money now former Chairman of the Board Latvijas Dzelzceļš (LDz) to Ugis Ugis Magonis.

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  • Study: people heal themselves, the doctors go in an emergency

    84% of Latvian residents usually heal on their own or with the help of medications, pharmacies, and 42% seeking medical help from a doctor only in critical situations — shows a study conducted by ERGO, according to the study privychek of the population of Latvia in the field of health.

  • Phenology: July is dry and warm, with separate days heat up to 33

    The first month of 2016 turned out to be moderately cold, and on his last week's thaw. According to popular belief of Latvians, it indicates that July will be warmer and drier than usual. Although there are several very hot days, long periods of heat is not expected. This forecast was announced panolog Vilis Bukrs.

  • Beyond the possible. How to awaken their psychic?

    It is believed that a considerable number of people exist in hidden or dormant psychic ability that can be developed and controlled. It is possible that you, too, unaware of their presence, but don't know what to do with them and how to use them. Portal Dniy on this occasion, has developed special tips.