Rinkevich: Obama's visit in Tallinn is very symbolic

Visit to Tallinn U.S. President Barack Obama is very symbolic political point of view, however, is of a practical nature on the eve of the NATO summit in Wales, said in an interview to LTV Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars rinkēvičs.

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  • The ability to safely buy a car from Germany prepaid only 20%

    You have decided to buy a used or new car, but searches don't have time or they do not give the desired results. You have to postpone their plans because of a lack of appropriate proposals, for example, is the appropriate model, but not the desired color or configuration, or does it all have to wait a few months. Realizing that the proposal of the Latvian market does not suit you, you probably thought of the idea to go to Germany or another European country for the car of your dreams, but unfortunately, it's not in time and money.

  • PHOTO: accident Bikernieku street - bus hit a moose

    The witness sent the editorial "DELFI Reporter" photo, which depicted an accident involving a bus and a moose. The collision occurred on 3 September, about 8:00 o'clock in the morning Bikernieku street in the neighborhood Mezciems.