Angelina Jolie - about the genocide in Cambodia, brad pitt and the tramp

In Cambodia, presenting his new film, Angelina Jolie said that this country has become for her "awakening". The actress gave an exclusive interview Bi-bi-si on the eve of the premiere of the film "First they killed my father", the story of an eyewitness, a child watching the genocide arranged by the Khmer Rouge.

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    Former NATO Secretary General Rasmussen: don't get freedom for free

    Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in an interview with DW, he did not consider blackmail US demands about increase of the military budget of the EU and were skeptical about the possibility of restarting relations between Moscow and Washington.

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    'UN!' Tested and created in Latvia food uses half a billion people

    Enterprise information technology (IT) "TestDevLab" for six years, from startups to the business incubator has grown to a company with millions of revolutions. The company's management believes in the ability of young Latvian IT specialists and is not afraid to turn to the giants of the industry. Among the clients of "TestDevLab" is world-famous enterprises including "Skype" and "Twilio".

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    SpaceX has delayed the flight of the "truck" Dragon to Mars in 2020

    Aerospace company SpaceX, the day before carried out the successful launch of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 with Dragon cargo ship that will deliver supplies to the ISS, continues to work on the Mars project, but recently there have been some adjustments, writes The Verge.

  • Phone Hitler sold for 240 thousand dollars

    The phone, which the leader of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler used during world war II, was sold at an American auction for 243 thousand dollars (295 thousand pounds sterling).

  • Elena Chizhova. Sinologist

    New novel by Elena Chizhova written in the genre of dystopia, facing the past: during the Great Patriotic war, German troops had reached the Urals. The border passed by the Ural mountains in the East, the Soviet Union, in the West – the German-occupied Russia. Before the reader the unfolding alternative history of two States – Soviet and Pro-fascist – and the story of two young people who grew up on opposite sides of the Ridge, their friendship-enmity, which resulted in betrayal.

  • Announced date 26-th of the Riga fashion week

    The Baltic fashion Federation has announced the dates of the 26-th of the Riga fashion week autumn-winter 2017, the event which will be held in Riga from 28 March to 1 April. In the framework of the upcoming fashion session traditionally their collection of pret-a - porter, including for children, will present the best Latvian and foreign designers.

  • Yumeiho therapy: to restore biomechanics

    If you find it difficult to hold posture, often suffer head, back or lower back, heels on shoes wear out faster on one side, and fatigue when working comes before ― it's time to deal with the biomechanics of your body.