Discovered a giant double Jupiter

An international team of astronomers has discovered a gas giant MOA-2016-BLG-227Lb, which is three times more massive than Jupiter. This exoplanet is removed from the Earth at 21 thousand light years. This was reported on the website

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    In Thailand, the man killed the baby, broadcasting the crime Live Facebook

    Thai police investigating the terrible crime committed on the territory of the unfinished Peninsula hotels near kata beach in Phuket. There's a man after a quarrel with his wife, strangled teenage daughter and then committed suicide. What is happening the attacker recorded on video and posted it on the Internet using the streaming service of the social network Facebook.

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    In Agenskalns missing 59-year-old woman

    On Tuesday 25 April evening in the Riga district Agenskalns, in the street Marupes, missing 59-year-old Svetlana Bondarenko, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease in the severe stage, according to Bezvē

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    How to survive and what do clans Lebanese gangsters in Germany

    In a cafe behind a thick cloud of smoke from the hookah Ahmed is almost not visible. Every offer — acceptance. "We are still worse than the Corleone clan from the film — you can believe me", — the interlocutor speaks Christoph Werle, a journalist of the German edition of Focus.

  • PM: coalition partners support tax reform

    The partners in the ruling coalition conceptual support tax reform, said today after the meeting of the parties of the ruling coalition-Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis (sacs). He stressed that the debate on the reform will continue.

  • The festival in Riga: "the insulted and injured" and "the Diary of Anne Frank" for an encore

    The strongest graduation performances from five minutes to the strongest graduates of theatrical high schools of Russia: GITIS and the Higher theatre school. Schepkin will be shown at the Riga House of Moscow on 10-11 may during the second spring session of the international festival of Moreover, "the Diary of Anne Frank" is coming to Riga for an encore - at the request of those who in winter could not get tickets.